Shooting iBracadabra(W4)


Group member: Becca, Hayk, Jaekook
Shooting day: Sunday Morning, September 30

We are planned to shoot the video in the Sunday morning starts from 8:00 am because our location is middle of the ITP floor, it can cause a background noise problem. But…there was a hidden problem that is lighting.

During Becca and Hayk are prepare camera, sound, and acting, I set up the stage, especially the lighting.

We choose micro studio in the ITP floor, it seems fit to our concept of the video. But, this area is surrounded by black curtains, so it doesn’t have any natural light. first I use two sets of six lamps light. It’s really bright but too bright. We use a whiteboard for projection but the light is too strong so projection is invisible and also the actor couldn’t open his eyes and also it couldn’t fill the whole shooting area. therefore I turn the light’s direction to the upper side for using reflection from the the ceiling which is white. Now, we can see the projection and acting without frown but it’s not enough light. In our story,  the protagonist and his assistant where a black colored cloth, but it’s hard to recognize because of the dim light. So I add five more light; two spotlights and two led lights for the key light, one six lamps light for back light.
This set-up process had taken too much time than we expected, so there were people around the floor when we started shooting. However, fortunately,  the mike works so well, the noise wasn’t the problem.
That day the whole shooting process was not working smoothly as we planned before, but we learned a lot and had had a fun time and great experience.


The Posture Buddy(W4)


The Posture Buddy protect your spine and neck health in your daily life. It makes you maintain good posture during the sitting on the chair.

I wanted to make an alarm that useful for daily life and the idea starts from what am I doing during the day. Most of the people spend their life on the chair(including me), and it’s hard to maintain good posture during the whole day work. And this could cause serious neck and spine problem such as turtleneck syndrome.

So I use the ultrasonic range finder and speaker, designed this “Posture Buddy”. Posture Buddy is easily combining with the chair, and it measures the distance from your head and sensor, and if your neck or spine become banding, then it noticing you by sound.




























Color Breath(Wk3, Arduino)

Color Breath

Color Breath

Breathing means somebody still alive. But the air is invisible.  So if I can see the breath by color could represent the status of the body that I’m still alive. And not only the physical condition, but also it could deliver emotion. So I used a temperature sensor and designed the box that shut air in it but not permanently, can speed up the re-check the breath again.

Audio piece reflection(3W, Soundwalk)

After the experience of three weeks of collaboration and opinion from other teams, I learned that the importance of language for communication. For working as a team, we had to share the same goal and understanding about it. To achieve it, sophisticated communication is an essential part.

I tried to deliver my opinion but my boundary of words are small so far, I felt difficulty in it. It gives me felt like I miss many chances to learn around me.  But our team members were the really good listener(Thank you for Tee and Veronica), and tried to understand my thought.

After all of the final walks, I had learned the introduction is significant. Detailed info can improve the understanding of the audiences about the project. It makes them fall into the story and expand their experience.

Speed gate(3w, Observation)

Speed gate
– Elmer Holmes Bobst Library

I know how to use speed gate, but at this moment, I observe and analyze it. This gate looks composed by two part that sensor(input) and the glass panels(output). And has two primary signifiers and an extra one.

1. light from the card reader
2. display
Sign of “tap to enter” with an image of student card. (I think this one is made by the office of the library to help to improve the affordance of people)

Tap to enter(Signifiers)

The card reader has different looking than the body of the gate. Stuck out black plastic with light and silver metallic texture. The primary color of the light on card reader is red, but when people tap the card it turns out to green, and each glass panels are open opposite way. Also, the display shows a green arrow pointing to their left side door. Also, it looks like designed for right-handed. Tap the card using right hand and go straight.

After tapping the card, it takes less than 1s until the panels are open and the glass-panels open almost 3s before closing.

Speed gate

Display and green light

People want to through the gate, and they tap their card to the card reader that the input sensor of the gate. But nobody stops for seeing the green arrow on display. Just touch and go when the doors are open. The signifier shows the direction on the screen is hard to recognize. I saw some people try to get into the right side of the card reader. If direction signifier designed like this picture, it can reduce that behavior.

Speed gate, Subway station in South Korea. Photo by

Sometimes people failed to get in, and they rubbed the card on it. In this case, most of the people are tab out too quickly, so the reader can’t recognize it. Also, some people rub the card at the first moment. (I think this behavior is from their experience). A few people tab their card on the spot that the light is coming out, not the plain part.

There is a sign on the last part of the machine at end of the left side,
it seems useless because it doesn’t have a card reader. And it could make people confused.

Sign with no card reader




Lost, 4:20

Recorded and produced by Jaekook, Tawania, Veronica
Credits list is on Soundcloud.
1-3 Week, Soundwalk Project, Video and Sound, ITP Fall 2018

Lost is the based on what’s behind the doors(the 1week idea)

We use our door sounds to make a story that getting lost in some floor at 721 Broadway. The building is the Tisch School of The Arts, so we thought we don’t know what’s behind the doors on each floor because it’s an art school. Every door has their sound behind it. And we wanted the audiences to feel some curiosity, nervous, anxious, and relief during the find out the exit(or going back to the ITP).

The audiences started from the elevator in the lobby of the building and waiting stranger. And the elevator door is open, then Soundwalk start. Take into the elevator and follow the stranger’s floor and getting lost.

After the first week, we(me, Tawania, Veronica) had meetings to give the shape a plan and make it really based on ou recorded sounds of the doors, steps, and people’s.  So, we

  1. Made a structure of the narrative
  2. Arranged the sources based on the #1
  3. Went to the 1st test with the first draft
  4. Figure out what we need(Sound FX, more detail in the Sound for the arc)
  5. Found and gathered Sound FX on the web
  6. Added layers on the track to make Soundwalk richer and mixing and editing.
  7. Went to the 2nd test with the second draft with our earphones. (want to check how it works on normal earphones)
  8. Measured the time of each floor
  9. Made Introduction of the Soundwalk(Regular and Braille version)
  10. Mixed and edited
  11. Went to the 3rd test with Aida and Jordan(Thank you for helping)
  12. Finalized the file

And, we separate our roles for the efficiency.
Veronica arranged the sources on the track and designed the introduction.
Tawania found soundFX and print the introduction for regular and braille version. And I mixed and edited the tracks.



Sketch 1
Sketch 2




Sketch 3
Basic Structure
Mixing and editing 1
Mixing and editing 2
Mixing and editing 3
Mixing and editing 4
Regular Introduction
Braille Introduction
Teamwork 3
Teamwork 2
Teamwork 1
Test / Aida and Jordan
Test / Aida and Jordan
Test / Aida and Jordan





I’m Serious / 2W, Physical Computing

This is called “I’m Serious” hat.

When the people thought hard about something, They knit their brows and usually, they don’t want to be interrupted.

The “I’m Serious”  shows the status of you’re in a deep thought with light, so it helps you can keep thinking about something without being interrupted.

I wanted to make a switch using my body that not using usually.

I’m Serious

First prototype Sketch                               Sketch




Review Questions(1w_thought)

After reading,
“The Art of Interactive Design chapter 1 & 2” by Chris Crawford
Are rugs interactive? Explain in your own words why or why not.
No, rugs are just rugs. They don’t do the processing.
If there is a high-tech rug that has specific functions, it turns out to interactive. For example when we touch the rug, then it calculates our body temperature and control their exterior to warm and cold, or changes their texture.
Come up with your own damn definition of interactivity.
The way of ping-pong.
In my opinion, if we called something interactivity that must have the process of choice. If there is only one reaction in every move, I think this is not interactivity. Interactivity needs processing for something to choose.