What’s behind the doors?(1w_Soundwalk)

Our team(Me, Tawania, Veronica) collect the sounds of the doors in 721 Broadway for introducing 721 Broadway.

Door sounds link:

This is the idea that I had shared with our team. (We keep trying to build up this idea)

I thought our subject goal is an introduction to the people about 721 Broadway building through the doors. (It’s also following the footstep of every department’s student). So we focus on the elevator door, and I think we have to start at the front door of the building, the main entrance. And every transition to another floor always uses elevator sound. (Never using stairs)
So, start from
Entrance ->1F elevator ->2F->3F~~~>12F->and final step is basement(I thought most of the people who come to this building are students who have their own department floor. So I think to introduce the department is the first thing we have to do. Also, we record all the sound while we move to the other floor using the elevator, so at the last moment, there will be really long recording from 12F to Basement.

And each floor we record the room sound of each departments lobby plus our verbal introduction like, at the front door “We are now starting our journey to 721 Broadway building the Tisch School of The Arts, What’s behind this door?” And I want to show this really slowly and relax mood.

Our first record is September 6, Thursday.
When we met for the first time, we review the how to use Zoom recorder and after that went to exploration to 721 Broadway for checking what is in this building. We had started from the 12th floor, and it felt like we sneak around the building. The idea, “What’s behind the door” started from that. During the exploration, we lost in the building(seriously, the building is a maze!) and finally got out to the Gallatin School side. Unfortunately, we couldn’t record at that moment.

The hard part of collecting sounds was to get clean sounds and control the sensitivity of mic.

After listened “Sound Walk 9:09” and “Her Black Long Hair”(1w_Soundwalk)

I have listened to two sound walks in the syllabus.

1. Sound Walk 9:09 by John Luther Adams

2. Her Long Black Hair by Janet Cardiff

Each work gives me way different experience through sound.

I listened “Sound Walk 9:09” first, this one change the texture between me and outside of the space where I’m standing. It makes me personal area even I’m in the outside during hear the Sound Walk. Every time, I holding or walking in the street, there is a bunch of information from everything around me like signals, ads, people, cars, sound, light or building. But when the Sound Walk begins, it makes me like an Observer or makes me in personal space wherever I’m standing, and it feels like I’m in the surreal place that even I’m in the real site at that moment.

However, Her Long Black Hair gives me the opposite way of experience than Sound Walk 9:09. I listened this one on the 4th floor 721 Broadway, but when I start to hear Her Long Black Hair, it brought me into the Central Park. The clean three-dimensional sound makes me more space in my head, and this separates me from the real world in a different way than the Sound Walk 9:09. It expands my sense of hearing, and I can imagine what she sees now, and feel the atmosphere of where she is standing.

Both of works are using street sound around them. However, the result is different. I think it depends on how to deal with the ingredient. The first one, “Sound Walk 9:09” uses the street sound to make music. John said he sculpted and filtered these street sounds to reveal resonances, and I think this is creating the surreal texture and atmosphere around listeners, and that fabrication makes different than “Her Long Black Hair” even both are using sound from the real world.

And “Her Long Black Hair,” I feel Janet focused on delivering the story as a real experience through clear and exact ingredient of sound. She makes three-dimensional room in the listeners head using those clean sources, and it makes you feel and imagine the Central Park only by hearing.