Lost, 4:20

Recorded and produced by Jaekook, Tawania, Veronica
Credits list is on Soundcloud.
1-3 Week, Soundwalk Project, Video and Sound, ITP Fall 2018

Lost is the based on what’s behind the doors(the 1week idea)

We use our door sounds to make a story that getting lost in some floor at 721 Broadway. The building is the Tisch School of The Arts, so we thought we don’t know what’s behind the doors on each floor because it’s an art school. Every door has their sound behind it. And we wanted the audiences to feel some curiosity, nervous, anxious, and relief during the find out the exit(or going back to the ITP).

The audiences started from the elevator in the lobby of the building and waiting stranger. And the elevator door is open, then Soundwalk start. Take into the elevator and follow the stranger’s floor and getting lost.

After the first week, we(me, Tawania, Veronica) had meetings to give the shape a plan and make it really based on ou recorded sounds of the doors, steps, and people’s.  So, we

  1. Made a structure of the narrative
  2. Arranged the sources based on the #1
  3. Went to the 1st test with the first draft
  4. Figure out what we need(Sound FX, more detail in the Sound for the arc)
  5. Found and gathered Sound FX on the web
  6. Added layers on the track to make Soundwalk richer and mixing and editing.
  7. Went to the 2nd test with the second draft with our earphones. (want to check how it works on normal earphones)
  8. Measured the time of each floor
  9. Made Introduction of the Soundwalk(Regular and Braille version)
  10. Mixed and edited
  11. Went to the 3rd test with Aida and Jordan(Thank you for helping)
  12. Finalized the file

And, we separate our roles for the efficiency.
Veronica arranged the sources on the track and designed the introduction.
Tawania found soundFX and print the introduction for regular and braille version. And I mixed and edited the tracks.



Sketch 1
Sketch 2




Sketch 3
Basic Structure
Mixing and editing 1
Mixing and editing 2
Mixing and editing 3
Mixing and editing 4
Regular Introduction
Braille Introduction
Teamwork 3
Teamwork 2
Teamwork 1
Test / Aida and Jordan
Test / Aida and Jordan
Test / Aida and Jordan





I’m Serious / 2W, Physical Computing

This is called “I’m Serious” hat.

When the people thought hard about something, They knit their brows and usually, they don’t want to be interrupted.

The “I’m Serious”  shows the status of you’re in a deep thought with light, so it helps you can keep thinking about something without being interrupted.

I wanted to make a switch using my body that not using usually.

I’m Serious

First prototype Sketch                               Sketch