Speed gate(3w, Observation)

Speed gate
– Elmer Holmes Bobst Library

I know how to use speed gate, but at this moment, I observe and analyze it. This gate looks composed by two part that sensor(input) and the glass panels(output). And has two primary signifiers and an extra one.

1. light from the card reader
2. display
Sign of “tap to enter” with an image of student card. (I think this one is made by the office of the library to help to improve the affordance of people)

Tap to enter(Signifiers)

The card reader has different looking than the body of the gate. Stuck out black plastic with light and silver metallic texture. The primary color of the light on card reader is red, but when people tap the card it turns out to green, and each glass panels are open opposite way. Also, the display shows a green arrow pointing to their left side door. Also, it looks like designed for right-handed. Tap the card using right hand and go straight.

After tapping the card, it takes less than 1s until the panels are open and the glass-panels open almost 3s before closing.

Speed gate

Display and green light

People want to through the gate, and they tap their card to the card reader that the input sensor of the gate. But nobody stops for seeing the green arrow on display. Just touch and go when the doors are open. The signifier shows the direction on the screen is hard to recognize. I saw some people try to get into the right side of the card reader. If direction signifier designed like this picture, it can reduce that behavior.

Speed gate, Subway station in South Korea. Photo by http://tjo4183.tistory.com/45

Sometimes people failed to get in, and they rubbed the card on it. In this case, most of the people are tab out too quickly, so the reader can’t recognize it. Also, some people rub the card at the first moment. (I think this behavior is from their experience). A few people tab their card on the spot that the light is coming out, not the plain part.

There is a sign on the last part of the machine at end of the left side,
it seems useless because it doesn’t have a card reader. And it could make people confused.

Sign with no card reader