The Posture Buddy(W4)


The Posture Buddy protect your spine and neck health in your daily life. It makes you maintain good posture during the sitting on the chair.

I wanted to make an alarm that useful for daily life and the idea starts from what am I doing during the day. Most of the people spend their life on the chair(including me), and it’s hard to maintain good posture during the whole day work. And this could cause serious neck and spine problem such as turtleneck syndrome.

So I use the ultrasonic range finder and speaker, designed this “Posture Buddy”. Posture Buddy is easily combining with the chair, and it measures the distance from your head and sensor, and if your neck or spine become banding, then it noticing you by sound.




























Color Breath(Wk3, Arduino)

Color Breath

Color Breath

Breathing means somebody still alive. But the air is invisible.  So if I can see the breath by color could represent the status of the body that I’m still alive. And not only the physical condition, but also it could deliver emotion. So I used a temperature sensor and designed the box that shut air in it but not permanently, can speed up the re-check the breath again.