Review Questions(1w_thought)

After reading,
“The Art of Interactive Design chapter 1 & 2” by Chris Crawford
Are rugs interactive? Explain in your own words why or why not.
No, rugs are just rugs. They don’t do the processing.
If there is a high-tech rug that has specific functions, it turns out to interactive. For example when we touch the rug, then it calculates our body temperature and control their exterior to warm and cold, or changes their texture.
Come up with your own damn definition of interactivity.
The way of ping-pong.
In my opinion, if we called something interactivity that must have the process of choice. If there is only one reaction in every move, I think this is not interactivity. Interactivity needs processing for something to choose.

Future of Interaction Design(1w_thought)

After reading,
A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design” by Bret Victor

I have kept wondering during the watch the video, “Why the future vision limits our senses?” After reading an article, I wholeheartedly agreed with Bret’s opinion about the vision of interaction. It should keep trying to use whole our body parts and try to make the people get the real feeling by their sense. It should be. Moreover, in the future, we the people who want to make the world better, have to focus on the contents and its form.

I’m a graphic designer. Literally, a “classic” graphic designer.
Before coming to ITP, I had made the books. All the books have their own scent, texture, weight, and color. They have their identity, their form based on its contents. So we the reader can feel these things by our eyes, a nose, hands. We can feel the book physically. It’s a real experience. It helps understanding contents.

In 2012, Chip Kidd(Associate Director, Art and Cover Design at Knopf Doubleday) said,

“iPad has no scent.”

on TED 2012. It is a contracted version, and the actual one is this,

“Do you know what John Updike used to do the first thing when he would get a copy of one of his new books from Alfred A. Knopf? He’d smell it. Then he’d run his hand over the rag paper, and the pungent ink and the deckled edges of the pages. All those years, all those books, he never got tired of it. Now, I am all for the iPad, but trust me — smelling it will get you nowhere. Now the Apple guys are texting, “Develop odor emission plug-in.” – Chip Kidd, Designing books is no laughing matter. Ok, it is., TED 2012

The point is, we can not have physical experience in the digital display. However, I do not claim that this is an entirely lousy medium, I know the efficiency of the digital platform. My point is we should avoid the situation that put every content on the particular medium. There is no ultimate medium fit for every material.

From that, in my opinion, interaction design is starting from this point of view. Focus on the relationship between the contents(function) and form. How to make the form to fit the contents for people use or understand it quick and easy. Furthermore, keep thinking about the new medium.