Shooting iBracadabra(W4)


Group member: Becca, Hayk, Jaekook
Shooting day: Sunday Morning, September 30

We are planned to shoot the video in the Sunday morning starts from 8:00 am because our location is middle of the ITP floor, it can cause a background noise problem. But…there was a hidden problem that is lighting.

During Becca and Hayk are prepare camera, sound, and acting, I set up the stage, especially the lighting.

We choose micro studio in the ITP floor, it seems fit to our concept of the video. But, this area is surrounded by black curtains, so it doesn’t have any natural light. first I use two sets of six lamps light. It’s really bright but too bright. We use a whiteboard for projection but the light is too strong so projection is invisible and also the actor couldn’t open his eyes and also it couldn’t fill the whole shooting area. therefore I turn the light’s direction to the upper side for using reflection from the the ceiling which is white. Now, we can see the projection and acting without frown but it’s not enough light. In our story,  the protagonist and his assistant where a black colored cloth, but it’s hard to recognize because of the dim light. So I add five more light; two spotlights and two led lights for the key light, one six lamps light for back light.
This set-up process had taken too much time than we expected, so there were people around the floor when we started shooting. However, fortunately,  the mike works so well, the noise wasn’t the problem.
That day the whole shooting process was not working smoothly as we planned before, but we learned a lot and had had a fun time and great experience.