Final project proposal(W9)












Hello?(working title)

Sometimes, there is a misunderstanding in conversation. I said ‘A’ but, the other person understands it as ‘B’ or ‘C’. It is the bit hard to deliver the right meaning to another person. Therefore conversation needs effort. I want to realize that effort physically in conversation and also make people feel it physically. I want to make the audience tired.

This work the “Hello?” has a subject generator and two walls with multiple sets of a speaker, a microphone, and a button.

First, the two participants stand in front of each wall and starting the talk.

The participant A press the button, the microphone is activated and “talk” sign is lighting. Simultaneously, “listen” sign is lighting on the B wall.

When A starting the talk, one of the random speakers on B wall makes a sound. So if the participant who is standing on B side, move all the time to find out which speaker is activated to talk with the person in the A side.
























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